About Us

OST-GLOBAL GROUP –  Professional manufacturer and supplier of LED Products. Was founded in 2009 and includes companies NLT-TRADING and NTO-Systems. High quality  of our LED products and rich experience on this market has made our company famous in different countries.

We perform various orders according to the technical requirements and wishes of our clients, such as lighting design of the facade or interior space, gardens and parks, street and interior, advertising structures.

Qualified employees

In order to improve the competitiveness, we have combined a highly qualified team of employees, development work, advanced technology and excellent management team, for development and production of LED products meeting the requirements of customers and the global market. OST-GLOBAL is a team of professionals that will help to realize your ideas, turn a simple drawing or sketch to a beautiful and high-quality product.


We specialize in manufacturing various led lighting products such as led lamps T-5 and T-8, led modules, flexible led strips, rigid led bars, led lamps, spotlights, etc.

Our led products are applied for interior and exterior lighting of buildings and premises, decorative lighting and backlighting, illuminated signs, stage and theatrical lighting etc Led fixtures are actively exported to Germany, France, Finland, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.


We use SMD equipment and soldering in the production of LED products. In addition we work at perfect optical detection equipment, which guarantee high quality and efficiency of our LEDs.

Our company received certificate as a professional manufacturer and supplier of led products from International organization for standardization 9001. In addition, our products got the European label safety Certificate, passed the test for the absence of hazardous substances according to ROHS Directive.

Quality control

We understand the needs for standardized production and quality control produced by our company products. So we created a production control system in accordance with the requirements of the International organization for standardization to step by step to track the entire process, starting with testing of raw materials to warranty service.